About Us

The making of MyNaked started as far back as 2012, from our beginning as bridal shower organizer with a difference, to launching of pre-engagement and newlywed assessment with the mission to bridge the gap between getting married and being married.

At MyNaked, we believe that, preparing for a life time relationship is the most critical thing ever in anyone’s life. You do not want to be caught in the web of mistake, separation, or divorce; hence, there is a need to give it your very best before stepping into it and while you are in it. Therefore, MyNaked  is a place to find encouragement, inspiration, and motivation for your lifelong journey and is aimed at supporting Pre-engaged, Engaged, and Newlyweds in investing in their marriage on front end by laying a Godly family structure which will help in avoiding the surge in marital discontent using the model of: Nakedness to God, Self, and Spouse.

Adigun Nike is the founder & CEO of MyNaked. Over the last years, she has created different experiences for different about to wed and newlyweds.

She is passionate about helping engaged, & couples build a solid marriage relationship in a Godly way. It is truly her greatest heart’s desire to see others find encouragement and fulfillment through a balance of healthy relationship, marriage and God’s Word.