Woman, A Man’s Helper

March 27, 2019by Nike Adigun0

This is not about gender equality. It is simply about you recognizing your place and what your mandate is as a woman.

Helper is defined as someone who helps another person with a task. Woman, this is what you’re designed to be by God your creator – A helper.

Woman, being a helper is not describing your value, rather your purpose. God is our helper and that word doesn’t imply inferiority. 

Woman, you were in Adam at creation & God brought you out of him when he saw it was time for you to perform your function as the helpmeet.

Why? Because nothing else is comparable, suitable, and can have a meaningful conversation with Adam, aside a being like him.

Woman, you are the last creation. Uniquely calved to function as a helper. Woman, you’re not less a being because you possess the female figure.

Woman, you’re not an “afterthought” being. Because you’re a woman doesn’t imply you’re weak or inferior – that wasn’t God’s intention for you.

Woman, you’re the perfect match for the man; alike to the man in your personhood yet different and unique in your God-given function. A woman is a teammate in a lifelong relationship. 

With all these honors, why are you the man’s helper? What’s your purpose?

 -To serve as the strength of the family. You’re to cheer, inspire, stimulate. Note that animals couldn’t have done that for Adam.

-To be in partnership with the man-spiritually and physically. The man can only achieve so little being alone. Dominating the earth could be an intense task to do. You have a vital role to play.  Ecc 4:12

As a woman, are you functioning in that capacity?

If you’re lazy, you’re not functioning as a helper.  You shouldn’t be a dependent wife. You’re co-laborer.  You shouldn’t give him more thinking task to do. Find your purpose. Build your career, business so you can partner with the man.

You have responsibilities in this world, you need to be equipped. If you can’t stand in the place of prayer, then you’re not functioning as a helper. Your body must be available for him as his helper not only your prayer – don’t deny him.

If you’re in competition with your man, you’re not his helper. If you can’t recognize his uniqueness and relate to him as such, you’re not his helper. If what he comes home to meet is the nagging woman, you’ve failed in the capacity of a helper.

Man, acknowledge, celebrate your woman – your helper, the co-laborer in executing your God-given assignment. Recognize she’s your helpmeet, not your worker. Not an object of dominance. Elevate the woman’s self-worth, don’t dominate her.

Lastly, I am a woman on a mission; I am my husband’s helper

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