My Dream Man

March 27, 2019by Nike Adigun0

Here I am engaged to marry the “man of my dreams”

We’ve been courting for 3 years but for some reason, I didn’t see this guy in my future.

Our parents knew each other. His parents were ready to come and start the introduction and the general marriage rites but for some reason, my mother was not comfortable with him. (Mothers shaaaaa…)

I knew that I have to marry a man after God’s heart. Times and times again, I kept on having a check in my spirit with no peace of mind.

So I decided to go to God in prayer. I didn’t have anything comprehensive just a simple one “God if this man is right for me, bind us together in your love and if he isn’t, in your mercy separate us”. Daily at different times of the day, I prayed this. It took another 5 months for this to be answered.

Guess what, he had sex and impregnated another lady 3 months before he came to tell me. He said he doesn’t know what happened to him. I struggled with it but I forgave him eventually. After 6 months, the baby was born. I just felt okay it’s one child, we will sort it out.

I never stopped praying over the whole matter with the previous words. Just when I thought that he was going to have learnt a lesson, he slept with another.

Ha!!!  You know the saying that what happens before marriage is what will happen magnificently after marriage. My people, I can’t and won’t cope with infidelity. No never. I just didn’t have it in me to understand it.

Knowing that it was obvious he was not ready to be committed, I broke up with him. Till date, I doubt if his family know why we never got married. This is because whenever there is a common event, his mother still says in her exact words “that’s how you didn’t marry us again”

Oh well, my future was important to me I couldn’t jeopardize it.  Fast forward to 7 months after this, during this time, my request had always been “Lord, open the eyes of my husband to see me and position me to a place that he will see me”

With that, every event I went for, no man discussed anything relationship or marriage to me.  But 3 weeks later, a friend of mine invited me to a worship meeting and I met the man who I was to get married to. After the meeting, he walked up to me and we kicked it off.

I introduced him to my parents and immediately, my parents were comfortable with him. They saw him as a son. Three months later, we were planning our introduction and in another 5 we had gotten married.

I don’t know why it never worked with the 3 years courtship and instead worked with the 3 months courtship but if there is anything I know, it’s let God do the work. It’s easier that way.

Today, we’ve been married for 5 years and counting and never have we recorded an issue on infidelity.

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