Your Mum, My Wife

March 27, 2019by Nike Adigun0

If it had not been for your mum, I probably would have been dead by now.

My dear daughter, I am your father and knowing that I won’t gain anything from lying to you, here’s my own view on how your mum has truly labored and has filled this space of being my helper.

Marrying me was definitely not the easiest decision your mum had the opportunity to make.

Being an only daughter of a King, she was only allowed to marry someone with a royal blood however, I came along. The child of a certain commoner. As at that time, I didn’t have any game or skill to even woo her over to me. But what I knew was that she found me by the wayside and literally picked me up and took care of me. I am glad to say that she has never regretted marrying me.

My wife who is certainly your mother is a strong woman; she was and is someone who fights for and with me. She never spoke ill of me. She never kept secrets from me. She always prayed with me and for me. She literally built me up. Your mum never for one day saw it less important to allow another woman serve me a meal unless of course I travel or she is sick.

Your mum denied herself of the joys of living in paradise just so that you all can go to world-class schools.

Daily her love for me is like film trick. Your mum taught me to not always shout to air my opinions but to calm down and explain it.

Any business idea my wife doesn’t understand is not worth threading on. She was like an assistant Holy Spirit.

My daughter, your mum my wife is a forgiver. I’ve never seen anyone who forgives and loves immediately like she does.

To be honest, the only question I truly have for God in heaven is if there’s still marriage otherwise, I want my mansion to be beside hers.

Your mum was not attached to anything materialistic.

Your mum surprised me with different dishes and gifts. Your mum knew my “mumu” button.

Your mum is a strong business woman today because I deemed it worthy that all these years that she has nurtured me; I could only pay her back by also supporting her business. I am glad I did.

Your mum is indeed my helper and I’m the happiest because I get to be the lucky man who is daily her covering.

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